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Rule-set for the MATH+ Adventskalender

1) Participation and Registration
2) Contest eligibility
3) The 24 challenges of MATH+ Adventskalender
4) Submission of answers
5) The solutions
6) Lots awarded for correct answers
7) Results and certificate of participation
8) Prizes and their assignments
9) Assistance
10) MATH+ Adventskalender Forum
11) Participation as a class
12) Publication ban
13) Our Privacy Policy
14) Exclusion from MATH+ Adventskalender

Participation and Registration

Anyone can participate and, regardless of the contest, solve the tasks: especially students, but also teachers and adults. In principle everyone who wants can solve the tasks. For the participation you only need a simple registration. By specifying a not yet assigned user name, choosing a password and a real email address, any user can set up his/her account. Registration is free, of course, and is possible from November 1, 2020 at 00:00:00 through December 31, 2020 23:59:59.

Contest eligibility

Any participant may participate only with one user account in the competition. All worldwide participants (individuals), which have completed all mandatory fields in the "Profile" (marked with two **), are eligible to win at MATH+ Adventskalender. An automatic participation in the competition is given when the provided contact details are complete, correctly specified and the status has been assigned correctly (for students and adults) (see table):

Student -Last Year of High SchoolAny student of a formal pre-college/pre-university education program that are in the last year of high school phase (typ. grade 12)
Student Last-but-one Year of High School Any student of a formal pre-college/pre-university education program that are in the last-but-one year of high school phase (typ. grade 11)
Student Non graduateAny student of a formal pre-college/pre-university education program that are in the first years of high school phase (typ. grades 9-10)
AdultsAdults, students of adult education programs and others that do not belong to any of the above three categories
The 24 challenges of MATH+ Adventskalender

From the 1st until the 24th of December one challenge will be published daily at 16:00:00 o'clock (CET) on our website at the MATH+ Adventskalender. For each challenge ten possible answers are offered, of which only one is correct. The challenges are variegated. On beforehand, our high school teaching staff verified that each challenge is suitable for students from the 10th grade onwards. Our challenge writers, scientists from MATH+ and our Dutch partner universities checked the tasks for correctness and uniqueness. The tasks are always uniquely solvable. There are no tricks.

Submission of answers

For each challenge ten possible answers are offered. You have to be logged in in order to be able to choose one answer as your "solution". The deadline for all solutions is December 31, 2020 at 23:59:59 o'clock (CET) . Until the expiry of this period it is possible to give an answer for every challenge. Therefore, a subsequent registration or later entering into the competition is not a problem since this deadline applies for each challenge of MATH+ Adventskalender. The submitted answers and the corresponding time stamps are stored in your account . After December 31, 2020 at 23:59:59 o'clock (CET) submission of answers is not possible anymore.

The solutions

The correct solutions to all challenges will be published in January, as until the 31st of December answers to any of the challenges can be submitted. The correct answers will appear in the Archive. After the submission deadline (31.12.2020) lots will be assigned for each correct answer depending on the delivery time.
During the competition (i.e. until 31.12.2020) a submitted answer can be changed at any time. In this case the time stamp of the last modification will be taken into account.

Lots awarded for correct answers

Number of lots for challenges published during the week (Monday to Friday):

Lots per submitted correct answerTime of submission
5Until 23:59:59 at the day of publication
3Until 17:59:59 the next day
1More than 26 hours after publication of the challenge until 31.12.2020 at 23:59:59 clock

Special: Number of lots for challenges appearing during the weekend (Saturday/Sunday):

Lots per submitted correct answerTime of submission
5Until 23:59:59 on the following Monday
3Until 17:59:59 on the following Tuesday
1After the following Tuesday 18:00:00
Results and certificate of participation

In "My results", each participant can see a listing of the answers and the lots for the challenges from 1st January 2021. From 1st January 2021 on there will be in "My Profile" the button "Create certificate". On a personal certificate of participation the number of correct answers are indicated.

Prizes and their assignments

Prizes are assigned among the participants of our competition. In "Sponsors & Prizes" the prizes are listed. This list will be updated during the calendar as soon as we get more prizes from our sponsors. Until 10th January 2021, the "MATH+ Adventskalender" team will draw lots. The winners will be announced in the List of Winners after checking the files. The lucky winners will be celebrated on 24 January 2021 at the TU Berlin. The main prizes will be raffled among all participating students with more than 95 lots. In addition there is also a lots pot for the students in the last year of high school, in the last-but-one year of high school , one for students in the category Non-graduate and a lots pot for adults.
All lots assigned in the various categories will be collected into the corresponding pots; Therefore also participants with only a small number of lots have the chance of winning great prizes. Some special prizes will be announced on the main page under News, others not.
Employees of MATH+ and their family members are not eligible to win prizes.
There is no legal recourse.


For reasons of fairness the "MATH+ Adventskalender" team will not answer to any substantive questions about the challenges nor will we provide any help.

MATH+ Adventskalender Forum

Furthermore, all participants of the MATH+ Adventskalender have access to an online forum. There the challenge creators are daily answering to questions about their challenge. There is also the possibility to leave directly feedback or to take part in the discussions in the forum.
Participation in the forum is subject to the usual code of good conduct for the Internet. Furthermore, in order not to spoil fair competition and game character, any hints to the right answers or to the solutions of the challenges are not allowed.
The MATH+ Adventskalender Forum does not provide a platform for building groups to participate jointly; rather it allows for clarification of ambiguities and can also be used for having a good time (with or without math).
All users must abide by these forum rules.

Participation as a class

As a teacher you may participate with your classes in the class contest. In order to do so, you have to register as a "teacher". After your successful log-in, you may add your class(es) via the menu item "manage classes". For each of your classes, you will obtain a "class contest code". With this code, your students will be able to enroll in your class. In order to be able to do this, your students need to choose the status "student".

Each class consisting of five or more students takes part in the "class contest". Prizes will be assigned by drawing lots. The number of lots of a class equals the arithmetic mean of the number of lots of the assigned students. With his/her acquired lots, each student will additonally take part in the individual contest of the MATH+ Adventskalender. As a teacher, you will also take part in the individual contest. However, your lots will not be considered in the class contest.

Publication ban

Neither our challenges nor the solutions shall be published in the Internet or elsewhere.

Our Privacy Policy

All information will be treated strictly confidential and will be used for no other purpose than to determine the winners in the "MATH+ Adventskalender". We do not pass data to third parties, nor to sponsors. The user accounts will be deleted with all data on February 28, 2020. This also implies that every year a new registration is required, and the data will not be archived. You can delete your own account and all related data at any time using the field "Profile".

Exclusion from MATH+ Adventskalender

Distribution of solutions on the webpages of "MATH+ Adventskalender" and its Forum is strictly prohibited. Also any hints or hidden clues shall be omitted . A link to other websites is not allowed, as we can not guarantee for the content of external websites. Similarly, the multiple registration with different usernames is not allowed, as this would result in a higher chance for winning prizes and leads to exclusion from the "MATH+ Adventskalender" and its Forum.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to delete any postings with racist, abusive or discriminatory content and exclude the author(s) from the "MATH+ Adventskalender" and its Forum. Any violation of the rules on our website may lead to exclusion from the sides of "MATH+ Adventskalender" and the Forum. In such cases the right for winning prizes expires.

With the registration on MATH+ Adventskalender you acknowledge our rules.