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Donors & Prices

Also this year the Matheon-Kalender is supported by numerous companies with attractive prizes. Our list of prizes will be regularly updated during the competition.

You can check how to join the contest in the rules of the game.

Matheon-Kalender is looking for donors!


Matheon-Kalender is looking for donors


We here at the Matheon Research Center in Berlin, Germany, organize the acquainted math Advent calender each year. We propose a riddle each day from December 1 until December 24. The Matheon-Kalender has intrigued pupils, students and adults for the last 13 years now. This year we want to reach an even bigger audience by offering the calendar in English as well.

What we are looking for?
We are looking for donors of material prizes or vouchers, which we want to hand out to the most succesful participants. The prizes are a great motivation for the participants.

What we offer you?
You will be listed as an offcial donor on our site www.mathekalender.de/matheon together with a list of the prizes you contributed. You will be explicitely named and thanked at the grand prize ceremony in January in Berlin. You can also hand over your prize in person and get a stand for your company in the lobby. We will advertise your company with your logo and the prizes you want to contribute on our facebook page and other marketing channels. Please dont hesitate to contact us to discuss any questions or ideas you may have!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Rico Berner
– Schulkontakte– Forschungszentrum Matheon –

Prices - Donors
509 478 465
484 486
513 512
534 533 535
515 514
500 499
494 495 472
528 527
532 531
502 501 525
523 522 524
519 507
530 529
510 505
521 520
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We extend our most special thanks to our sponsors of the Matheon-Kalender 2015 & 2016 for their support.
If you are also interested in sponsoring the calendar with prizes, please do not hesitate to contact us.