Weihnachtsmann rot


Have fun with the 17. Matheon-Kalender challenge today.
The Matheon-Kalender-door with the 18. challenge for the year 2017 opens in
8 minutes and 55 seconds.


Halftime - 13.12.17

Dear MATHEON calendar fans!

Hard to believe but this year's mathematical advent calendar already has reached its halftime.

Therefore, brace your energies and keep working!

Since you can solve the challenges until December 31, it is not late to convince your family and friends to join you puzzling over the tricky riddles ;)

Have fun and good luck!
Your MATHEON calendar team

By the way, we are on Facebook :)

MATHEON advent calendar 2017 - 01.12.17

Dear MATHEON calendar fans!

The essentials of this year's MATHEON advent calendar in brief:

  1. Please, sign up here! The registration is free of charge.
  2. The windows of the advents calendar open daily at 4pm (CET). The puzzles will be released in German and English.
  3. In the Forum (our discussion board), you can ask questions concerning the puzzles and give us feedback. The Forum will be supervised during the following hours:
  • Mon-Fri: 4-8pm,
  • Sat-Sun: 4-7pm.
  1. The rules of the game can be found here.
  2. If you are lucky, you can win many great prizes. (This list will be updated permanently.)

Have fun!
Your MATHEON calendar team :)

Can't wait until tomorrow! - 30.11.17

Dear Mathekalender fans!

The first window of this year's MATHEON advent calendar open stomorrow at 4pm (CET). Don't forget to sign up here.

But no competition without training: answer the warm-up problem "Dog vs. elf" correctly and win a small surprise.

Simply post your answer to this little riddle on our Facebook page!

Happy pondering everyone!
Your Mathekalender team :)

Only seven days left... - 24.11.17

Dear MATHEON-Kalender fans!

only seven days left until the kick-off of this year's MATHEON advent calendar! The first window opens at December 1, 2017, 4 pm (CET).

Therefore: take up the challenge! Register, play, and win great prizes!

Your MATHEON-Kalender team :)

PS: We are greatful for the awesome support of our donors: https://www.mathekalender.de/index.php?page=donors

Register now! - 01.11.17

Dear MATHEON-Kalender fans!

The MATHEON-Kalender team is very busy preparing this year's Advent calendar for you. We have already received lots of great puzzles from the scientists of the Research Center MATHEON, our Dutch collegues and numerous volunteers. We very much hope that you will enjoy them!

From now on, you can register here for the MATHEON-Adventskalender 2017. From December 1 to 24, there will be one tricky puzzle daily, which may be solve until December 31. Of course, there will be many great prizes to win!

Your MATHEON-Kalender team :)