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The Matheon-Kalender 2016 is now closed and starts in december 2017 again with difficult challenges. More information about the events of Matheon are avaible at www.matheon.de.


24th window - 23.12.16

Dear Mathe-Kalender fan,

the last window of the Matheon-Kalender 2016 will already <b>open tomorrow</b>. This window will reveal its hidden puzzle <b>at 10 a.m.</b>

Have fun!

Your Matheon-Kalender team

Forum support - 09.12.16

Dear Matheon-Kalender-fans,

for an orientation concerning the forum support find the following schedule:

Mon-Fri: 4 pm. - 8 pm.
Sat, Sun: 4 pm. - 7pm.

This means: During this time the Matheon-Kalender-Team will be available at the forum to give quick responses on your questions concerning the current or any past problems. Outside these times you can still use the forum but you maybe have to wait for an answer a bit longer.

Your Matheon-Kalender team

Take up the challenge! - 09.12.16

Christmas is coming! The right time to take up the challenge and to solve Santas exciting puzzles. Begin today and win nice prices.

Participation is possible until December 31th.

Your Matheon-Kalender team

The second window opened! - 02.12.16

Dear Matheon-Kalender fans,

the second window is already open. Have fun with todays challenge. Find out what the Christmas elves do in their spare time.

Your Matheon-Kalender Team


Note: All answers for the 24 challenges can be submitted until 31th of December.

It starts today! - 01.12.16

Dear Matheon-Kalender fans

The Matheon-Kalender 2016 starts today. The first puzzle is waiting behind the calender window. We are looking forward to see you there.

Your Matheon-Kalender Team


What is left to do:

-Share- Tell your friends, family and acquaintances as well as invite them to participate!

Check out the Matheon-Kalender on Facebook!